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The Permanent Columbus Day Committee

We are looking for committed members to join the Parade Committee. Please contact Jeffrey Frenette at 401-932-0846 or at


Joseph H. Potter, President
Jeffrey J. Frenette, Vice President
Beth K. Frenette, Parade Chairman
Stewart T. Pucci, Treasurer

Founding Members

Carmela Bonvenuto
Angelina Gencarella

Deceased Members, R.I.P
(*Founding Member)

Frank Allen
Angelo Altimano
Antonio Azzinaro*
Carmella Berardo*
Angeline Bonvenuto
Minnie Boumenot*
Angeline Boumenot*
Joseph Brancato

Rose Cappuccio*
Dorothy Chiaradio
Robert P. Christina, Sr.
Louis Cimalore
James Cosenza*
Natale Emanuel*
Amadeo Fusaro
Angeline Gingerella
Atanasio Grasso*
Frank Lapere
Richard Lapere
Rose Lazzaro*
Patsy Pellegrino*
Minnie Prizito
Theresa Sposato*
Joseph F. Terranova
John P. Toscano, Sr.*
Antonio Trovato*
Judge Charles Trumpetto

Rose Uzzi*
Columbia Ward*

Special thanks to the Calabrese Club of Westerly for making their facilities available to us throughout the year.



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